Your Roadmap to Success

Participant Guidelines

To ensure a seamless and rewarding experience throughout the competition, please review the guidelines below. Whether you're participating in sessions, exhibiting your startup, or networking with industry professionals, these guidelines will help you make the most of your time at the event. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our team. Thank you for being a part of the Islamic Fintech Pitching Competition, and we look forward to an incredible journey together!

Navigating the Path to Success

Competition Format

Embark on a journey through our Competition Format, crafted for success in the Islamic Fintech Pitching Competition. From the innovative Application Process to the electrifying Pitching Sessions, each step propels ideas forward. The Awards ceremony honors outstanding contributions, solidifying the path to success in Islamic Fintech innovation.

Application Process

Submission Phase: Entrepreneurs and start-ups interested in participating will submit their applications, detailing their innovative Islamic Fintech solutions.

Evaluation: A panel of judges comprising experts in Islamic finance, technology, and entrepreneurship will evaluate the submissions based on criteria such as innovation, feasibility, and alignment with Islamic finance principles.

Pitching Sessions

Shortlisted participants will have the opportunity to pitch their ideas to a live audience, showcasing the potential of their Islamic Fintech solutions. This interactive phase allows contestants to receive valuable feedback from both judges and the audience


Outstanding participants will be recognized and rewarded for their contributions to the Islamic Fintech space. Prizes may include financial support, mentorship opportunities, and exposure to potential investors.

Criteria for Submission

To be eligible for the Islamic Fintech Pitching Competition, submissions must meet the following criteria:

Innovation: The solution should demonstrate a unique and innovative approach to addressing challenges within the Islamic finance sector.

Alignment with Islamic Principles: Submissions should adhere to Islamic finance principles, ensuring ethical and Sharia-compliant practices.

Feasibility: The proposed solution should be practical, feasible, and capable of making a positive impact on the Islamic finance industry.

Market Potential: The idea should have a clear market need and potential for widespread adoption within the Islamic finance ecosystem.

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Important dates

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Registration commence

Get ready to launch your journey! Registration commences now.


29 · 12 · 2023

Registration deadline

Hurry! The clock is ticking. Secure your spot by registering before the deadline


20 · 01 · 2024

Pitching Sessions & Award Ceremony

Join us for an exhilarating day of innovation and celebration at our Pitching Sessions and Award Ceremony, where visionary entrepreneurs showcase groundbreaking Islamic Fintech solutions.


14 · 02 · 2024

How to Participate

Ready to showcase your Islamic Fintech innovation?
Follow these steps:

Register: Complete the online registration form here.

Submit Your Proposal: Provide a detailed overview of your Islamic Fintech solution.

Prepare Your Pitch: If shortlisted, be ready to present your idea to our panel of judges.

Engage and Connect: Take advantage of networking opportunities with industry experts, investors, and fellow participants.